Students Joshua Jones and Andrea Pepper learn about quality audio on the state-of-the-art SSL Duality in Studio A at Webster University.

Come join us:

Are you a student who is interested in recording? Are you a musician who likes to record yourself and your friends? Are you interested in designing websites or games that need audio?

We would like to talk to you and introduce you to the width and depth of possibilities in audio - for free.

Sound equipment ranges from the software that came for free with your laptop to the multi-million dollar facilities where your favorite albums and movie soundtracks are recorded.

If all you've ever worked with is a home computer in a home studio there's a whole world of equipment and technique out there you should know about. Let us show it to you. We can come to your school to talk. If you are interested, we will invite you to visit a high-end recording facility with us. We'll even try to give you some tips to bring home to make your recordings better.

Are you an educator? Do you know student-musicians who record themselves or students with an interest in audio, video or web design? We would like to meet them. Please send them our way, and feel free to come along. While we open your students' eyes to the many possibilities of incorporating quality in audio perhaps we can help you with some tips to help you teach the next generation of quality recordists.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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